Thanks for stopping by! I am a business and branding consultant based in Atlanta, GA. I help business owners and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world embark on and thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. Design + business-building is my passion, and I strive to continually infuse that passion into the work I create.

I started The Muse & Company, which has been the perfect creative outlet that allows me to consistently bring new ideas to life. My passion and experience to help fellow entrepreneurs extends far beyond the world of business. I absolutely love being a small piece of the puzzle in helping my clients' companies thrive!

Meet Temple Melendez

In my experience, I've come to understand the need for design to be more than just 'attractive'... it absolutely needs to be functional as well. This is where my two passions of business development and branding marry perfectly. Within every aspect of my work, I strive to achieve this balance. 

Consider me your guide and partner to provide the right tools in reaching your business goals. From business registration, operations, to design services, I've got you covered. Let's talk about how we can do that together. There's no better time than the present.

A year from now, you may wish you had started today.

- Karen Lamb

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

Impossible, only means you
haven't found a
solution YET.

I believe:

Here's what I can offer you  to help dominate your industry.

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